31 May 2005

US ambassador to Fiji warns another coup will undo business achievements

10:21 am on 31 May 2005

The United States ambassador in Fiji has warned that another coup will undo all the positive achievements of the last few years.

David Lyon has told the Fiji Times newspaper that a number of Americans contemplating sizeable investments in Fiji have asked him about the country's political and social stability.

Mr Lyon says while he can tell them that the government supports and protects foreign investment and the army and the police would back an elected government, he cannot tell them that a coup won't happen.

He says the danger of future coups is particularly intense on Fiji's increasing reliance on a growing tourism industry.

Mr Lyon says tourism is not immune from political upheaval and embassies will have no choice but to issue travel warnings to tourists who have a huge variety of options and will choose to stay away.