1 Jun 2005

Health issues discussed at inter-Samoa talks

10:24 am on 1 June 2005

American Samoa wants all women travellers from Samoa to produce a pregnancy report before they can enter the Territory.

It also wants to address the issue of disabled children from Samoa, which the Territory claims, makes up half the figures for those under 21.

These are just two of the issues discussed during yesterday's inter-Samoa talks at Sinalei Reef Resort

A working paper provided by American Samoa yesterday, says over 40 percent of women who give birth at the LBJ Hospital are from Samoa.

It says most of these women have complications during birth or receive little or no prenatal care.

The paper says if infants with complications are delivered in the Territory, these cases are referred to Hawai'i causing prohibitive costs in American Samoa's off-island medical referral programme.

American Samoa also wants to explore possible referral of children with special needs from Samoa, in the Territory, to New Zealand or Australia.

It says of 312 special needs youngsters in the Territory under 21, half are from Samoa.

Another issue raised by the Territory was the establishment of a standardized vaccination verification system between the two Samoas.