2 Jun 2005

Greens query French Polynesian opposition's motive over nuclear inquiry

4:35 pm on 2 June 2005

The Greens in French Polynesia have queried the motives of the opposition Tahoeraa Huiraatira party to support an inquiry into the effects of the French nuclear weapons tests on the population of the Gambier islands.

The probe was called for after last month's leak of classified defence ministry documents about a 1966 atmospheric test at Mururoa.

In a surprise move, the Tahoeraa called for an inquiry last week after its leader, Gaston Flosse, had always said the tests were safe.

The Greens have issued a statement questioning the Tahoeraa's motives.

The party also says the territory has no archive of French documents, urging Mr Flosse to use his position as member of the French senate to support the Greens claim that France recognise the damage caused by the tests.