3 Jun 2005

American Samoans offered financial incentives to join US Army

7:15 am on 3 June 2005

The US Army is offering thousands of dollars in incentives to try to attract new Pacific Islander recruits both for active army and reserve duties.

The American Samoa Army recruiter Sergeant Levi Suiaunoa says that the number of recruits from the territory has fallen 42 per cent short of projections.

Sergeant Suiaunoa says the number of deaths in recent conflicts has affected recruiting.

But he says recruiting targets have also risen.

"We have some of our sons and daughters who've paid the ultimate price. But the war on terrorism, our, the recruiting command, has been asked to increase the enlistees by 20,000 recruits, so, we're, our mission has gone up slightly."

Sergeant Suiaunoa also says there have been staff shortages amongst the recruiting team in American Samoa.