4 Jun 2005

New government in PNG's Bougainville expected to face financial demands

7:35 am on 4 June 2005

The new Government in the Papua New Guinea province of Bougainville is expected to face early demands for compensation and outstanding wages.

Former resistance members who say they are owed the money for services provided to the Port Moresby Government during the crisis, are expected to make the same demand of the new Government.

Thomas Raban is spokesman for the Bougainville Businessman's Association and a former member of the resistance.

He says this claim for compensation doesn't stack up, but three other financial issues will have to be dealt with quickly.

"Government had made a promise to pay public servants who were working during the reconciliation period - there still remains a risk allowance that needs to be paid off. The Governmentn owes outstanding to business houses in Buka around seven hundred thousand kina - the Government also owes redundant public servants."