6 Jun 2005

Refugees talents will be missed on Nauru

7:02 am on 6 June 2005

The lawyer for nine Afghans expected to arrive in Australia tomorrow from detention on Nauru says two of the group will be sorely missed on the tiny island.

The nine have now been told, after almost four years on Nauru, that their claims for refugee status have been found to be genuine.

Their lawyer, Marion Le, says, however, that they have temporary protection visas only.

She also says two of the nine are teachers who will be missed on Nauru. One of these men, Ali Yawar Mullaie, taught children of Nauru Government Ministers.

"Ali Mullaie and Ali Resaie, who were the two young men, Ali Resaie was just under 18 when he arrived in Nauru, and they've been teaching the women and the children on Nauru, even teaching, I understand, some of the Nauru government official's children and I know they are going to be sadly missed on Nauru but it's a wonderful thing for them that at last they are coming here. Ali Mullaie has already been offered a postion in one of the universities as well as sponsorship from one of the big IT companies."

Lawyer, Marion Le.