9 Jun 2005

Tongan government working to lift consumption tax

8:14 pm on 9 June 2005

Tonga's farmers and growers, using dozens of tractors, held a protest parade to parliament to voice their opposition over parts of the new Consumption Tax.

Major agricultural businesses have exclusions under the new tax but smaller operators don't.

The protestors presented a petition signed by nearly 5,000 people.

Mateni Tapueluelu reports.

"They believe they are one of the main essential sectors that helps the economy of Tonga and they are petitioning to lift the tax on goods and services relating to farming. The speaker of parliament was there to receive the petition and he said that he was told by the minister of finance, Mr Utoikamanu that the government is doing work to lift all tax on goods and services relating to farming as they petitioned."