10 Jun 2005

French Polynesian politician shocked at new French bill

3:17 pm on 10 June 2005

A member of French Polynesia's ruling Union For Democracy Party has expressed shock at a proposed French law designed to claw back powers granted to the territory in last year's autonomy statute.

The bill was drawn up last month by the former minister in charge of overseas territories, Brigitte Girardin, and gives the French territorial assembly until later this month to give its view.

But Tea Hirshon says there was no indication by France that it wanted to change the autonomy provisions.

"It's a real setback to put it lightly. It's really shocking, they are taking us for fools."

Another coalition member, Jacky Bryant of the Greens, says the change amounts to the return of the super governor of the days of his grandparents's days.