11 Jun 2005

Fiji PM and New Zealand counterpart hold talks in Auckland

7:14 am on 11 June 2005

Fiji's prime minister, Laisenia Qarase, has been holding talks with his New Zealand counterpart, Helen Clark, in Auckland.

Misss Clark says New Zealand is offering to analyse proposed law in Fiji which could mean legal amnesties and freedom for jailed participants of the 2000 coup.

The news agency, Australian Associated Press, reports New Zealand's bottom line concern is that the perpetrators of offences against the state of Fiji shouldn't go unpunished.

New Zealand is to double the amount of aid to Fiji over the next three years.

Mr Qarase says his administration is receptive to changes where they are necessary and certainly, he put it, they would like a bill to be consistent with the constitution.

The Fiji premier won't rule out the possibility of the 2000 coup leader George Speight obtaining an amnesty from the proposed Reconciliation and Unity Commission.