15 Jun 2005

Fiji district chief offers support for Reconciliation Bill

9:12 am on 15 June 2005

A district chief in Fiji has promised support for the government's Reconciliation and Unity Bill if it results in the release of soldiers jailed for their role in the coup and associated army mutinies.

More than 60 soldiers of the now disbanded Counter Revolutionary Warfare unit are in jail after being court martialled by the military.

The Fiji Times quotes the chief of Vaturova in Vanua Levu, Ratu Ilisoni Rokotuibua, as saying his people are concerned for the families of the jailed soldiers.

Ratu Ilisoni says there have been social problems and family breakdowns because soldiers who are supposed to be supporting them are behind bars.

He says their wives have been forced to look elsewhere for financial support, others have been having affairs and children are the worst affected.

Ratu Ilisoni says for these reasons the district of Vaturova is for the Bill.