20 Jun 2005

There's to be a review of water restrictions in the Marshall Islands

8:27 pm on 20 June 2005

The Marshall Islands is looking for long term solutions to the ongoing water shortages that it faces.

The Majuro Water and Sewer company has had to restrict the availability of water from three days a week to two days because the levels in the water reservoir are low.

The company's manager, Terry Mellan, says they've had little rain over the last month and a half, and the reservoir was down to 14 million gallons.

Mr Mellan says water shortages are an ongoing problem and they're looking to increase the capacity of the reservoir as one solution.

"'We are trying to increase our water reservoir from 28 million gallons to --- 30 million gallons."

Mr Mellan says they'll review the restrictions this week after rain fell on the weekend but they will wait until they have 20 million gallons in the reservoir before restoring normal availability.