22 Jun 2005

Tahiti opposition criticical of centrist politician

1:13 pm on 22 June 2005

The French Polynesian opposition has lashed out at the centrist leader, Nicole Bouteau, saying she keeps sending mixed messages.

The Tahoeraa Huiraatira Party says Ms Bouteau accuses President Oscar Temaru of sending mixed messages over his position on independence from France.

And it says while she seems to disagree with Mr Temaru she continues to run to his coalition's rescue.

The Tahoeraa says Ms Bouteau should put aside her personal resentment towards the party's leader, Gaston Flosse, and worry about the government which it says is leading the territory towards an economic catastrophe.

Ms Bouteau was a minister under Mr Flosse but left the Tahoeraa to form her own party, No Oe e te Nunaa.

She backed Mr Temaru's coalition government last year but has refused to align herself with either of the two blocs.