23 Jun 2005

Death sentence urged over death of PNG boy

3:35 pm on 23 June 2005

A State prosecutor has urged a Papua New Guinea Court to sentence three policemen to death for killing a 12-year-old boy and then burning his house.

The National newspaper reports that the prosecutor said the policemen must be severely punished.

They were found guilty on Tuesday of shooting the boy and then throwing him back in the house and setting it on fire.

However, the lawyer for the three, Paulus Kunai, argued that they did not mean to kill the boy and had fired at random.

He also asked the court to consider the fact that the accused were first-time offenders.

Mr Kunai also said the accused have families to look after and except for one, their wives were not working.

The court cancelled the bail and ordered that all three be placed under police custody pending its decision on July the 11th.