27 Jun 2005

Plan to be drawn up to help region tackle alcohol related problems

7:06 am on 27 June 2005

A new drive is being launched to help the region deal with alcohol related problems.

Pacific health professionals meet in Auckland from tomorrow to produce a draft plan of action to help countries develop programmes to combat the alcohol misuse.

Dr Ashley Bloomfield, the chief advisor in public health for New Zealand's Ministry of Health, says the meeting follows an initiative begun by the Secretariat of the Pacific Community last year.

He says there is a strong commitment in the region to do more to cope with the alcohol misuse.

"And I think that has been strengthened by a resolution just passed at the World Health Assembly in Geneva last month, which was the first ever resolution on alcohol and the public health problems associated with alcohol misuse. And really putting this issue right up there on the WHO agenda, so this is very much moving in sync with that."