27 Jun 2005

Niue looks again at attracting immigrants from Tuvalu

6:57 am on 27 June 2005

Niue plans further talks with Tuvalu to encourage Tuvaluans to move to the island, but it will also tighten immigration rules.

Niue, which is underpopulated and needs workers for new fishing and farming developments, wants Tuvaluans to join a small community of their countrymen on the island.

Some of the around ten Tuvaluan families who moved to Niue in the early 1990s have been granted New Zealand citizenship and now live in Auckland.

Niue's Premier, Young Vivian says this is a concern.

"ut I think we will tighten the legislation. That will mean they will have a longer period before they start exploring New Zealand citizenship."

Young Vivian says they still need to sort out who will pay to get any interested Tuvaluans to Niue and who will finance the construction of houses for them.

He says Tuvalu is concerned about the rights the Tuvaluans would have on the island.