29 Jun 2005

Recycling programme initiated after conference on Guam

8:49 pm on 29 June 2005

The Guam Environmental Protection Agency says last week's regional conference has helped lauch a new recycling initiative.

The island hosted the Pacific Islands Environment Conference, attended by all US affiliates and territories in the Pacific.

The Guam EPA chief information officer, Michael Mann, says a great deal of discussion was held regarding global warming, with 'The Great Warming' documentary being premiered.

Mr Mann says locally the conference helped initiate other work.

"There has been a good bit of discussion happening over the past few years and at this point we have finally reached a next step. We have a strong local business partner here who will be helping us to get recycling efforts into the school system and then expanding into some neighbouring islands as well."

The Guam EPA chief information officer, Michael Mann.