29 Jun 2005

Tonga welcomes education funds boost from NZ, World Bank

8:44 pm on 29 June 2005

The Tonga Government says the primary school curriculum, assessment and teacher education are first in line for attention under a multi million dollar joint aid deal.

New Zealand and the World Bank are to contribute 10 point five million US dollars, nine point nine million of which is from New Zealand, to implement Tongan Government education goals.

The Acting Education Minister in Tonga, education director Viliame Takau, says Tonga's grateful for funds that will implement the first three years of a 15-year programme.

He says there's a pressing need to improve the quality of education.

"The real need is the development of the quality of education. When you talk about the quality of education there is need a develop a curriculum that is more relevant, in line with the need for further development in education and the other thing of course is to improve the system of assessment of learning as well as the most important thing, of course, is teacher education. The development of sound training programmes for teachers."

Viliame Takau.