30 Jun 2005

Optimism for Bougainville's future as UN Observer Mission finishes its work there

8:26 pm on 30 June 2005

The leader of the United Nations observer mission, which has just completed its involvement on Bougainville, says he is very optimistic about the Papua New Guinea province's future.

Tor Stenbock and his team of five formally ended the UN's seven year involvement in overseeing the peace process on Bougainville today.

He says while there are still some guns in the community, enough have been destroyed to make the weapon disposal programme a great success.

Mr Stenbock says he is confident the province is now safe and secure.

"I have seen on Bougainville a steady move towards abiding by law and order. More respect for the police - that's working, and that goes for the regular police and the community police. So, all in all, it is going in the right direction and remarkably well so."