5 Jul 2005

Fiji vice-president puts his faith in the nation's youth

10:18 am on 5 July 2005

Fiji's vice president says the country will push for democracy and multi-racialism and fight against terrorism with the changing attitude of its youth.

Radio Legend reports that Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi made the remarks at United States Independence Day celebrations in Suva last night.

Ratu Joni said although it will take Fiji time to reach the standards of the United States, change will definitely come.

He also congratulated the United States on pushing for democracy and multi-racialism during its years of independence.

Ratu Joni said just as it has taken the United States 229 years to perfect the work of its founding fathers, so it will take time for Fiji to do the same as the county's youth make their voices heard.

He says Fiji's youth are beginning to be more vocal and assertive and they will not be ignored in seeking to play a greater part in their destiny.

Ratu Joni says he trusts that future will be more integrated in contrast with the discordant voices of their elders.