11 Jul 2005

Vanuatu chiefs want to go back to using traditional methods of payment

3:38 pm on 11 July 2005

The Vanuatu Council of Chiefs has suggested the country go back to using more traditional methods of payment and trading.

This follows a week-long workshop initiated by the chiefs in which the Council and the government agreed on 25 resolutions seeking to further the country's economic independence.

The Prime Minister, Ham Lini, and the Lands Minister, Paul Telukluk, participated in the event.

The resolutions have not been released publicly but our correpespondent, Len Garae, says the council had wants to deal more with traditional items like shell money, pigs tusks and mats.

He says the government hasn't dismissed the idea.

"It's a new vision in that no leader has ever considered following that direction before and the direction is based on the way that the different islands have been trading economically, well before the arrival of the European explorers."

Len Garae say the island of Pentecost already has a bank which deals in customary items.