11 Jul 2005

RAMSI to undertake internal review of capacity building programmes in Solomon Islands

3:38 pm on 11 July 2005

The Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands is to undertake an internal review of its capacity building programmes.

The special co-ordinator of RAMSI, James Batley, says a lot has been achieved in the first two years of the assistance mission and it's now time to look at how it is working in partnership with the government.

A review of RAMSI by a Pacific Islands Forum Eminent Persons group found that it had been successful in restoring law and order but that the government now need to assume a bigger role in the rebuilding of the country.

Mr Batley says the review was very positive and he accepts many of its recommendations.

He says they're now looking at how the capacity building work, or training of Solomon Islanders in the public service, is being achieved.

"Capacity development is central to what we're on about right across what RAMSI's doing, whether it's in the police, in the law and justice sector, in the public service. In the next couple of weeks, we're undertaking a capacity building stocktake. What we want to do is just have a look right across the board at what RAMSI's doing in all those different areas."

Mr Batley says RAMSI is seeking the skills of regional experts and not just looking to Australians to take in-line positions in the public service.