12 Jul 2005

Electricity firm to save fuel bills by wind farms

6:19 am on 12 July 2005

The Fiji Electricity Authority says it will save 1-point-5 million US dollars a year in fuel oil bills and sell carbon credits for 7,500-tonnes of green house gases on the completion of a wind farm project near Sigatoka.

The Fiji Times reports that the state-owned company has signed a contract with French company VERGNET worth almost 16-million US dollars to build the wind farm .

The 37 wind turbines, each 55-metres high, will have a power output of 10 megawatts in winds of 8- to 40-knots.

Local landowners will be trained to stow away the turbines in hurricane force winds.

The chairman of the Fiji Electricity Authority, Joe Mar, says they plan to rapidly increase power production from renewable sources because of soaring fuel oil costs.