13 Jul 2005

Cooks police warn people about email scammer targeting Christians

7:07 pm on 13 July 2005

The Cook Islands police are warning people not to be taken in by an email fraudster who's targeting church members.

The email sender is asking for personal details, including credit card numbers, to access peoples' money and is telling them that his task is to give out the funding to ministers for the work of God.

No-one has yet fallen victim to this but email scams have tricked Cook Islanders out of money before.

Deputy police commissioner Maara Tetava is concerned at the new tactics employed by scammers.

"The person who was in possession of this money is a born-again believer, and using the name of God or religion to tap into people's minds here, and to get them to give their personal details, and for them to have access to their money."

Deputy commissioner Tetava says postal money scams also continue to appear in the Cook Islands.

He says recipients of both letters and email scams should throw the messages away.