15 Jul 2005

France to inject nearly US$10m into Vanuatu airport, hospital and TV studio

10:26 am on 15 July 2005

France is giving six million US dollars towards providing Vanuatu with a second international airport.

The French development agency is funding an upgrade the main airport on Vanuatu's northern island of Santo.

The project to lengthen the runway and improve the terminal at Pekoa airport will begin this weekend.

Vanuatu media report that the state airline, Air Vanuatu, is now seeking to establish a route from Brisbane to Honiara and Santo.

France is also paying 3 POINT 6 million US dollars to build a nursing school in Santo and to improve the district hospital.

The French development agency is also contributing funds to a TV station, Television Blong Vanuatu, and helping to build its studios.