16 Jul 2005

American Samoa senator assured Fono will act on hospital crisis

8:19 am on 16 July 2005

A meeting between American Samoa's House Speaker and Senate President has resulted in a funding measure for the territory's hospital getting some attention in the House.

Senators were happy to hear an announcement by Senate President Lolo that his meeting with the House Speaker went well.

The senator received assurances that the House would act on a bill appropriating half a million US dollars, to buy medicine for the LBJ medical centre.

The House Budget and Appropriations committee is to hold a hearing next week on the hospital bill.

The Speaker said that the legislation will be reported to the House on Tuesday for second reading.

Representative Laolagi Fonoti said he didn't understand why Representatives were being blamed for inaction on the hospital bill, when the legislation was only received by the House on the final day of the first regular session.