19 Jul 2005

Pacific delegates in New York to support push for prevention of conflict

2:42 pm on 19 July 2005

A 15 strong Pacific delegation is in New York to present a report to the United Nations on peace building in the region.

They are taking part in the Global Conference on the Prevention of Armed Conflict and Peacebuilding, or GPPAC.

One of the Pacific delegates, Jone Dakuvula, says the conference aims to achieve a shift from reaction to the prevention of conflict.

He says the hope is that the GPPAC meeting will consolidate the conflict resolution network.

And Mr Dakuvula says they also aim to influence the proposed reform of the UN system.

"In order to make it a priority that there are institutional mechanisms established in the UN system to focus on the prevention of armed conflict and to define measures that have to be taken by the UN, governments and NGO development partners to focus on preventing rather than reacting to conflicts when they do break out."