20 Jul 2005

Cook Islands select committee says Unit Titles bill must be redrafted

8:35 pm on 20 July 2005

A controversial bill in the Cook Islands is to be redrafted before it is presented to parliament.

The secretary of the Unit Titles bill select committee, Tupuna Rakanui, says there weren't sufficient protective measures for landowners.

He says this was one of the public's biggest concerns because in the past, under the lease system, landowners lost a lot of land because of insufficient protective measures.

Mr Rakanui says the bill has gone back to the lawyers.

"At the moment, the feeling of the committee is that there is room for improvements of the bill, and they've made that known to the legal counsels. And, the intention is to redraft the bill to reflect the interests of the developers, the lessees and the lessors."

Mr Rakanui says there are other concerns connected with the standards of building required and the lease approval tribunal.

He says lawyers are expected to talk about a redraft at the next committee meeting this week