20 Jul 2005

Solomons PM praises RAMSI

8:35 pm on 20 July 2005

The Solomon Islands Prime Minister, Sir Allen Kemakeza, has praised the Regional Assistance Mission as it completes its second year in the country.

The multi national RAMSI mission, led by a military force which then numbered around 14 hundred, was sent to the Solomons in July 2003 to help restore law and order, amid fears the country was descending into chaos.

Sir Allen says since day one RAMSI has been doing commendable work to ensure the recovery of the country.

The Prime Minister has also thanked departing Sandi Peisley, the Australian who has headed up the Participating Police Force for the past year - she is leaving Solomon Islands after nearly a year in the post.

The anniversary is being marked with church services and concerts, including from the legendary aboriginal reggae band Yothu Yindi.