22 Jul 2005

American Samoa hospital CEO stands firm by cost-cutting plans

1:28 pm on 22 July 2005

The chief executive of American Samoa's LBJ hospital has dismissed a containment proposal put forward by employees as an alternative to management's cost-cutting plans.

Staff are calling for a change in the management of the hospital, which needs 15 million US dollars to pay off its debts and keep running.

John Faumuina says there are a few employees disgruntled by tough decisions the hospital is having to make, such as trimming the payroll.

A spokesman for staff concerned about the plans says they have prepared a list of positions at the hospital which are not unbudgeted for, that should be eliminated rather than having staff hours cut.

But Mr Faumuina says the workers have little idea of the complexities of running the hospital.

"Every position will be reviewed and the positions that we see that we can function without we will eliminate those positions. What they do not understand is that there are certain United States government mandates which require us to hire people. If not we get cited by the United States government."

The chief executive of LBJ hospital, John Faumina.