26 Jul 2005

Suggestion American Samoa public servants should form union

8:38 am on 26 July 2005

In American Samoa, a former newspaper publisher has suggested that disgruntled employees at government agencies or in the private sector should consider creating a worker's union.

A former owner and publisher of the Samoa News, Lewis Wolman, made the comments amid dissatisfaction among employees at LBJ hospital and the American Samoa Power Authority with boards that governs these government entities.

There aren't any unions in American Samoa.

Mr Wolman says if the workers feel their complaints are legitimate and deserve serious attention, they should consider trying to persuade their co-workers to form a collective bargaining unit, such as a union.

He says a collective bargaining unit can advocate for seats on the management board, for respective for labor laws, for promotions based on merit, for protection from political retribution and much more.