26 Jul 2005

Fiji stance on Solomons reconciliation plan raises questions

9:37 am on 26 July 2005

Questions are being asked in Fiji as to why the Foreign Affairs minister, Kaliopate Tavola, believes that amnesty shouldn't be allowed for those involved in Solomon Islands ethnic tension.

This contradicts his position in Fiji where Mr Tavola, as a government minister, supports amnesty for those who participated in Fiji's coup in 2000.

Mr Tavola was recently the head of an eminent persons group appointed by the Forum to review the work of the Regional Assistance mission in Solomon Islands.

One of the 25 recommendations made by the group included the establishment of a Truth and Reconciliation Commission but it would have no provision for amnesty.

The group expressed concern that such a commission shouldn't undermine the investigation and prosecution of those involved in the Solomons coup of 2000.

But, Radio Fiji says questions are being asked why the group led by Mr Tavola recommended that no amnesty be in the Solomons legislation when the Fiji government he is part of insists that amnesty is a key component of its current bill.