28 Jul 2005

Solomon Islands considers 10 extra parliamentary seats for women

3:49 pm on 28 July 2005

A former prime minister of Solomon Islands wants to reserve ten extra parliamentary seats for women to boost their involvement in national politics.

There are currently no women MP's in parliament.

Bartholomew Ulufaalu says as a topic of adjournment he asked that the constitution be amended to increase the number of parliamentary seats from 50 to 60.

He says to have more women in parliament is a requirement under the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women, or CEDAW, which the Solomons has ratified.

"Women in parliament will give a sense of stability much more than just men alone as we've experienced in the last 30 years. When women are among us in discussions we tend to discuss things with more maturity and continuity."

Bartholomew Ulufaalu says he plans to table the motion tomorrow.