1 Aug 2005

Cooks police want French Polynesia to formalise joint fish surveillance pact

1:31 pm on 1 August 2005

The Cook Islands police commissioner, Pira Wichman, says the country wants to expand a fishing surveillance co-operation pact to include French Polynesia.

The Cook Islands and Samoa have reached an agreement allowing each nation to patrol each other's exclusive economic zone, if requested.

Commissioner Wichman says the deal came about after Australia and New Zealand held joint training exercises with local police.

He says Cook Islands police learnt of the merits of international co-operation in all aspects of their work.

Commissioner Wichman says officials are now keen to formalise a link with French Polynesia to police the high seas.

"and I understand the government's interested in talking to French Polynesia at this stage. Although we already have patrol boats of theirs coming through, but we need to have that enshrined in a memorandum of understanding."

Pira Wichman