20 Oct 2005

Fiji authorities defer Suva municipal elections

10:40 am on 20 October 2005

Municipal elections for the Fiji capital Suva scheduled for Saturday have been deferred for three weeks.

This follows the death of two candidates in two different wards.

Election officials had earlier said the election would be postponed only in those two wards, but the chairman of the Electoral Commission, Graham Leung, has postponed elections in the entire city till November the 12th, saying this would produce a tidier result.

Elections in other towns and cities in Fiji will go ahead on Saturday.

Meanwhile, the Fiji Labour Party and its Nadi branch are denying that they are responsible for a smear campaign against a rival candidate in Nadi in which fliers have been distributed alleging he is gay.

The fliers say that they have been authorised by an official of Labour's Nadi branch.

The matter has been referred to police.