21 Oct 2005

Mobil Oil Micronesia accused of price gouging in Marshalls

10:38 am on 21 October 2005

The Marshall Islands government has accused Mobil Oil Micronesia of price gouging.

According to letters obtained by the Marshall Islands Journal, the government has asked the United States government for an investigation of Mobil's negotiating tactics.

The Marshall Islands government chief secretary, Robert Muller, says Mobil has taken full advantage of its de facto monopoly in fuel products in the region.

He accuses Mobil of price gouging tactics in providing essential fuel products to the Marshalls.

Officials with the Marshalls Energy Company, the main power utility, claim that Mobil engineered a fuel shortage earlier this year by delaying contract negotiations.

Mobil's Guam-based public relations manager Cecile Suda has rejected the allegations, saying Mobil has dealt in good faith and continued to maintain the highest business standards.