24 Oct 2005

PNG Mt Garbuna volcanic activity subsides

4:18 pm on 24 October 2005

Volcanic activity has subsided at the Mount Garbuna volcano in Papua New Guinea, after an eruption 8 days ago.

The West New Britain Provincial disaster coordinator, Major Paul Kaliop, says the eruption was considered weak but the volcano is being closely monitored by scientists after the first sign of life after hundreds of years of dormancy.

Major Kaliop says white fumes continue to billow out of the crater but the main threat from the eruption - ashfall - has largely been washed away by rains in the area.

"It was considered weak because the quantity of the ashfall was not that much, it was a thin layer and most of it fell on the summit crater. And a thin layer settled on some parts of a village known as Garu village which is about four to five kilometres west of the volcano."

Major Paul Kaliop says no evacuations have been carried out, and no casualties reported.

However clean water supplies have been sent to Garu and Fifi village, where water had been contaminated by the volcanic dust.