27 Oct 2005

Former PNG military commander completes gun survey

2:49 pm on 27 October 2005

Papua New Guinea's former army commander, Major General Jerry Singirok, says research into the prevalence of guns in the community contains 240 recommendations for government action.

The PNG Cabinet is expected to consider the report before the end of the week.

Major General Singirok's team toured the country for six months to get the people's views in a mobile gun summit.

He says a focus group then came up with thematic areas which include calls for the government to modernise legislation and improvements in internal and border security.

Major General Singirok says action needs to be taken.

"Basically the people are saying that the government seldom consults the people before making decisions. When policy is reviewed it leads to little concrete action at the grassroots level, the issues of funding of projects don't reach communities."