28 Oct 2005

Nauru hopes to triple export returns in six months

2:28 pm on 28 October 2005

Nauru is confident it can boost export returns by 300 percent within the next six months.

This has been revealed as part of a briefing by the Nauru government given at the Pacific Islands post-forum dialogue in Port Moresby.

Don Wiseman reports.

"Nauru's finance minister David Adeang says a national development strategy compiled with Pacific Islands Forum help, will be complete by the end of this month. He says the government will create a specific department, again with Forum assistance, to implement this strategy. Another agency is to be established to coordinate aid spending, which the Nauru government hopes to receive increasing amounts of once the development strategy is made public. To this end the government is planning a donor-round meeting in Nauru at the end of November and is inviting Forum members and dialogue partners to attend. Mr Adeang says the economy is just a fraction of the size it once was, but they've received a boost from a deal with an Australian company, which has plans to mine for Phosphate at a greater level than has been done for some years. In Port Moresby for Radio New Zealand International, Im Don Wiseman."