3 Nov 2005

US investigating source of fake cash notes in Marshalls

3:14 pm on 3 November 2005

The US State Department is investigate the source of fake 20 and 50 dollar bills which have appeared in the Marshall Islands.

The Police Commissioner George Lanwi said one 20 bill and one 50 bill had been brought into his office for investigation.

The US Ambassador to the Marshall Islands, Greta Morris, said it was "a concern" and confirmed that a

Manila-based State Department official in charge of security for the Majuro embassy was analyzing one of the counterfeit notes.

At least six counterfeit notes have been identified by stores in the capital, Majuro, in the last two weeks.

Local retailers say they have rarely if ever seen fake paper money in Majuro in the past.

The Bank of Marshall Islands compliance officer Sultan Korean says the fake bills have been reported to the banking commission.