3 Nov 2005

Vanuatu capital municipal elections results announced

3:17 pm on 3 November 2005

Final results are through in the municipal elections for Vanuatu's capital Port Vila where a record 177 candidates contested the 14 town council seats.

The Principal electoral officer, Martin Tete, says only 51 percent of Vila's 20,000 eligible voters turned out for the poll.

The elections were called following the suspension of the previous council for a number of reasons including lack of financial accountability.

At least two of the suspended council have been re-elected, including former mayor Patrick Crowby.

Mr Tete says the make-up of the new council is a mixture of Vanuatu's main political parties:

"Three candidates from the National United Party; three from the Union of Moderate Parties; three candidates from the Green Confederation Party; Vanuaku Pati - we have three; we have one from the Vanuatu Republican Party; and one more from the National Community Association Party."

Martin Tete says the new council is likely to meet next week to elect a new mayor.