3 Nov 2005

Fears that planned demonstration by Vanuatu workers will lead to more marches

4:34 pm on 3 November 2005

There are concerns in Vanuatu that a planned street demonstration by the National Workers Union will set a precedent for other marches by disgruntled groups.

The Union has announced it still plans to take to the streets over the sacking of 26 staff from Air Vanuatu, regardless of any potential outcome from discussions of the union's concerns among government shareholders of the airline.

However, the Union's planned march is likely to be illegal because the Police Commissioner has already rejected three march applications.

Our correspondent in Port Vila, Len Garae, says officials are hoping the Union will not carry out the threat.

"If it happens it's going to be the first time that members of public deliberately disobey the law because they feel that it's not in their best interests. And if it does happen and a demonstration goes ahead, it's going to be an example for similar demonstrations to take place in future and it's going to be a big concern for the police and our security forces here in Vanuatu."

Len Garae reporting from Port Vila.