3 Nov 2005

Solomons NGO says seasonal work preferrable to aid

4:44 pm on 3 November 2005

The Solomon Islands Development Trust says New Zealand and Australia would be better off to take seasonal workers from the Pacific than to give them aid.

The issue of labour mobility for unskilled workers was raised before last week's Pacific Islands Forum meeting in Papua New Guinea.

Australia and New Zealand made no commitments but said they would consider admitting seasonal workers.

While some Pacific politicians say they are disappointed, they say they will keep the issue alive.

The head of the Solomon Island Development Trust, John Roughan, says Solomon Islanders should not give up hope.

"This is also another way of assisting rather than giving taxpayers' money that the Solomon Islanders can earn it and assist the country. They are not going down there on the dole, they are going to earn their way. I think this is a much healthier way than just simply giving aid."