3 Nov 2005

Samoa plastic ban creates confusion

4:44 pm on 3 November 2005

There is confusion surrounding the Samoan government's decision to ban plastic bags from April of next year.

The government made the announcement at the opening of Environment Week saying that Samoa must protect the environment for future generations.

It has also announced that plastic containers will be banned from April 2006 and disposable nappies from 2007.

But the manager of one supermarket chain says they haven't been informed of the decision.

The manager of Molesi Samoa supermarket, Frankie Cai, says he believed the government was awaiting consultation with retailers before imposing the ban, and he is not sure what exactly is being prohibited.

"It makes it inconvenient. We have to source some other material to pack the products instead of using the plastic bags now. So I'm still not sure what the government is banning."