7 Nov 2005

Fiji military unhappy with budget allocation despite increase

7:25 pm on 7 November 2005

The Fiji military is to rethink some of its operations in light of its budget allocation.

A spokesman, Captain Neumi Leweni, says they're unhappy with the budget because it's a reduction from what the military had asked for.

The government has allocated the military 74 million Fiji dollars or 43 million U.S. dollars, an increase on the previous year's budget of 37.4 million U.S. dollars.

But Captain Leweni says the increased funds are already spoken for and the amount is well below what was requested.

"The military's actually not happy with it, no, mainly because we had requested 84 million but we got 74. The 10 million extra we got was mainly for a job evaluation exercise that was conducted by the Mercer Group, and for the increase in pay that was agreed to early last year."

Captain Leweni says the military will sit down this week to look at how it will adjust its budget and operations may be cut as a result.

He says he cannot say what operational areas this might affect as discussions are yet to be held.