9 Nov 2005

PNG governor Neville undeterred by death threat

8:00 pm on 9 November 2005

Milne Bay Governor Tim Neville says he won't be backing off fighting illegal fishing in Papua New Guinea despite stating that he has received a death threat.

Mr Neville says a 20,000 US dollar bounty has been put on his head because he is attempting to shutdown an illegal fishing business in Alotau.

The governor says the man doesn't hold a legal licence to fish and has been using gill nets to fish which is illegal.

Mr Neville has named the man and his company in parliament and has informed the police who are monitoring the situation.

Mr Neville says he believes the threats are genuine but won't let it stop him do his job.

"Recently I introduced a bill to withdraw all the fisheries power from the National Government to be brought back to the provincial authority because we can no longer trust the national level and I will be shortly calling upon the prime minister of Australia and also New Zealand, because we share common waters, to help me assist with surveillance so that we can fight this illegal activity."

Milne Bay governor, Tim Neville.