11 Nov 2005

Paris court hears case of French Polynesian woman accused of killing baby son

9:36 am on 11 November 2005

A court in Paris has begun hearing the case of a 41-year-old French Polynesian woman accused of torturing and killing her three-year-old son.

Patrice, the son of Angelina Aka, died on July 11th, 2000, two hours after having been taken to hospital by family friends.

The young doctor who examined the body told the court she'd been deeply affected by seeing the scars, gashes and bruises.

In the months leading up to the death, Ms Aka had been investigated for allegedly abusing two other children.

A court in French Polynesia has already retried Ms Aka, but a judicial tribunal referred the case to Paris.

The case continues, and a verdict is expected next Thursday.

Meanwhile, in French Polynesia, an infant abducted a week ago by a woman pretending to be a nurse, has been found safe and well by police.

The boy was taken from a Papeete hospital by a woman who police say was childless.