12 Nov 2005

Residents of Fiji capital head to polls

8:15 am on 12 November 2005

The residents of the Fiji capital, Suva, go to the polls today to elect the local government councillors who will administer their city for the next three years.

The ballot today comes three weeks after it was originally scheduled but then cancelled because several candidates died just ahead of the vote.

Laisenia Qarase's SDL, the Fiji Labour and the National Federation parties have been waging a fierce campaign for several weeks to win control of the capital.

An SDL-National Federation Party coalition won the last election but the NFP later alleged that the SDL reneged on their agreement and colluded with five Labour councillors to elect their own mayor and a Labour deputy mayor.

The outcome of the poll for the 20 seats on the Suva City Council will be known tonight.