14 Nov 2005

Outgoing Vanuatu finance minister takes party to opposition

6:17 pm on 14 November 2005

Vanuatu's dumped finance minister Moana Carcasses says he has no firm plans to try and oust the government.

The Green Confederation leader has been replaced by the Lands Minister Willie Jimmy, in one of two changes the Prime Minister Ham Lini made to Cabinet in the weekend.

Mr Carcasses says he has been given no reason for his sacking and was not informed personally by Mr Lini.

Following the sacking, the Greens take nine MPs into opposition, leaving the coalition government with 34 seats in the 52-seat parliament.

Despite speculation that Mr Carcasses has plans to topple the government, he says his party will work in opposition for the time being.

"Frankly speaking, I'm worried about the instability. Being a former Minister of Finance, knowing the figures and knowing how good the economy is now going on, I don't want to create instability. However, if Vanuatu needs a new direction, we're going to put a new direction. But again, politics is a game of numbers, nothing else."

Moana Carcasses