15 Nov 2005

Zero tolerance for government idleness in American Samoa

2:41 pm on 15 November 2005

American Samoa's Health Director, Uto'ofili Aso Maga, has told his employees that idleness on the job won't be tolerated.

Uto'ofili issued a memo on November the 9th to employees saying it had come to his attention that some employees come to work, sit at their desk, napping and doing nothing all day and then punch out to go home.

He says these people do not do any work but routinely come to work, getting American Samoa government monies on a bi-weekly basis while doing absolutely nothing."

In a separate memo dated the same day, Uto'ofili said no employee of the department of health should release any information to the media unless it was approved and authorised by him.

He said if he could prove that one of his employees had disobeyed this order, they would be lose their job for insubordination.