16 Nov 2005

PINA chairman says media will miss an opportunity to question Tonga's Crown Prince

11:42 am on 16 November 2005

Journalists attending the Pacific Island News Association conference in Tonga won't have an opportunity to question a key member of the Royal family, Crown Prince Tupou'toa because he's pulled out of giving the official opening address.

The PINA Chair, Pesi Fonua says the Prince is a key member of his government, and has other commitments to attend to.

Fonua says while it's a lost opportunity for the media, he understands how busy the Prince is.

"Under Togan government rulings he is the man that is calling the shots. He is the cabinet, he is the Privy Council. He is the one man that makes all the decisions. And I think it is a very busy time for him."